Mic Mods

Many studios have microphones locked away in a closet that they are not using, or have not used for many years. If that is you why not pull them out and have them modded to sound the way that you want. Microphone modification can be a cost effective way of getting a great new sound in your studio for a small price. 

Every week at Beesneez we have other microphone brands sent to us or in some cases OEM bodies that people wish to have made sound amazing. Ben can bring new life to these microphones or if you wish start from scratch and make something truely unique to suit the sound that you are after. 

If this is you, take the time to email or call Ben or Veronica for a consultation to discuss your needs. 

Capsule Restoration or Re-diaphragm

Is your microphone capsule in need of some love. Beesneez are able to re-diaphragm your capsule. Please email for a quote.

Microphone Re-Ribbon

After time your ribbon microphone might need to be re-ribboned. In order to better serve our customers we can re-ribbon those microphones. Please email for a quote.