Lily Ribbon Mic

Waterproof Case

Redco Lead


Many ribbon microphones manufactured today have adopted the small body and ribbon concept. Our Lily Ribbon Microphone is different, we have adopted the larger body and larger ribbon styling and we feel that this styling and build have greatly added to the sonic and physical beauty of the Lily, so much so that we could not be happier with the end result.

Our internal ribbon element is the source of the lily’s beauty. We have settled on a very large ribbon with low self resonance (5.1mm wide and 40mm long) with no dampening and a 60 degree crimping style. The frequencies captured by the Lily range from below 30hz through to 20k+ and are reproduced with a smooth elegance that is very forgiving with a unique tone that flatters any source.

 Ribbon microphones rely on a strong magnetic vortex in which the ribbon vibrates to create the small amount of electricity that is then amplified by the transformer. If another ferromagnetic surface is introduced within the near vicinity of this magnetic field, it can and will create a polar disturbance that will affect the sonic reproduction of the microphone. Our many hours of research and development will bring to you many years of amazing sounds.

If you are interested in a flexible layby option, please email for details,