Phelicity Condenser Mic

Power Supply

Waterproof Case

Redco Lead

Shock Mount

The Phelicity Tube Condenser Microphone was designed with clarity in mind. We were aiming for a studio microphone that would be both sonically pleasing, true to source and reminiscent of condenser microphones that are no longer being made, that also shared these sonic attributes. 

The response time on the Phelicity is seemingly fast but is still able to capture source nuance beautifully. Whether you are recording airy female vocals, grand pianos, stringed sections or are looking for that snappy snare sound, the Phelicity is the perfect mic for the job. 

The Phelicity condenser microphone has a Beesneez CK12 dual back plate, edge terminated, multi-chambered capsule.  The tube we use in the Phelicity is a JAN 5654NOS GE 5 star. We particularly like this tube due to it's low noise floor and great sound.

The Phelicity tube condenser microphone features a Beesneez CK12 capsule and 9 polar patterns.

The Phelicity comes with a superior quality REDCO 7pin microphone cable using NEUTRIK connectors; heavy-duty suspension mount and shockproof/waterproof carry case.

If you are interested in a flexible layby option, please email for details.