Sally Condenser Mic

Power Supply

Waterproof Case

Redco Lead


The Sally Tube Condenser Microphone is our take on everything we love about large diaphragm tube condenser microphones. With a lush warm sound and lots of headroom. When we designed the Sally we looked at many of our favorite microphones and did our best to implement everything that we loved about them. The worlds best large diaphragm condenser microphones should have more than just balanced audio output, they also need to have well balanced sonic attributes. Finer details like these make the difference between a very average sounding microphone and an amazing sounding microphone. From male vocals to wind instruments, from guitar cabs to flat room capture, the Sally will reproduce these with ease and accuracy. 

The secret behind the Sally’s sound is the combination of the JAN 5654 Vacuum tube and the Beesneez K7 capsule. The transformer in the Sally is the Cinemag 2510.

If you are interested in a flexible layby option, please email for details.