Isobel Large Diaphragm Fet Mic


The Isobel is a large diaphragm fet microphone with a fixed cardioid directional characteristic. The integral head grill both lowers manufacturing time and costs as well as ensuring rigidity and strength that is needed in a professional setting.

The Isobel fet microphone provides exceptional sound transmission on sources such as voiceovers, vocal duties, stringed instruments and room micing. The Isobel is a side address microphone. The stand out features of this microphone are very low self noise, strong CMRR (common mode rejection ratio) and clean yet surprisingly musical sound transmission.

Sonically the Isobel offers sharp and very realist source capture perfect for vibrant vocal takes stringed instruments and lively room sounds. The low noise circuit in the Isobel also lends itself to spoken word and live audio broadcasting. 

Electrical characteristics and safety.

Like with any good microphone, the Isobel’s impedance multiplying/amplification circuit is very transparent and has no direct hold over the overall tone of the microphone. The Isobel’s tone is derived from the capsule, as there is no equalisation manipulation within the microphone circuit. The Isobel requires an operating voltage of 48v commonly known as phantom power. This operating voltage is a standard part of all good microphone preamplifiers and once applied, the microphone will be operational within a few seconds.

The Isobel fet microphone is elastically suspended using a supplied mounting system ensuring both electrical and acoustic isolation. This style of mounting provides both sonic and safety benefits. 

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