Oliver Cardioid

As part of our commitment to bring high quality audio equipment to the home and professional recording studio at an affordable price, we are happy to be able to bring to you this cardioid only version of our loved Oliver microphone. Like the multi-pattern Oliver, this cardioid model is manufactured in our Australian factory. It also includes the Beesneez K7 Capsule.


Many decades ago one of the all time favorite microphones was the Neumann U47. There was something magical about the U47 and this is why it became arguably one of the sound staples of our time. Knowing that it would never be cost effective to produce large numbers of microphones like the U47 we decided to utilize the sound characteristics so many have grown to love. 

The Beesneez Oliver Tube Condenser Cardioid Microphone has been designed to capture sources in a realistic manner. Nothing hyped just true to life reproduction. The Oliver Cardioid captures subtle nuances that are left behind by many other modern microphones. How have we managed this? We have designed the capsule in the Oliver to have cochlear linearity (tm), which is the ability to capture audio utilizing a similar frequency response to the human ear. When you add to this the incredible sensitivity of the K7 cardioid capsule, the end result is source capture that needs little to no processing after the fact. Sources captured with the Oliver Cardioid will sit well in any mix at any level. If you find yourself as an engineer or musician struggling to define your mixes then the Oliver Cardioid may be the glue that will bind them together.


The Oliver Tube Condenser Cardioid Microphone ships with:

Tube Mic Power Supply (240/115V)

BeesNeez Microphones K7 Capsule

Heavy Duty Spring Clamped Shock Mount

7Pin Tube Mic Cable

If you are interested in a flexible layby option, please email for details, veronica@beesneezmicrophones.com.au