Shelise Condenser Mic

Why did we make the Shelise Condenser Microphone? For many years there have been huge holes in the market in both sonic capability and build quality. In many cases this is due to money hungry corporations more in tuned to make a buck then making great sounds. This microphone Ben likens to a good hammer (please don't hit anyone with it or we can not guarantee warranty) for a working engineer or recording artist it becomes a most useful tool in building quality music. Extending highs, flat mids and a robust bottom end, makes it a perfect choice for male and female vocals, acoustic guitars, piano's and other stringed instruments. 

The Shelise condenser microphone has enough edge to allow the captured source to cut through and be the focal point of the mix if needed, but not so much that it starts to sound gritty or spitty. If you are looking for a microphone with a hyper-extending top end, without the associate artifacts that make modern microphones plain unmusical, the Shelise will fit very well into you microphone arsenal.

The SHELISE Tube Condenser Microphone ships with:

Multi-Pattern Tube Mic Power Supply (240/115V)

Heavy Duty  Spring Clamped Shock Mount

6m 7Pin Tube Mic Cable

If you are interested in a flexible layby option, please email for details,